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Thanks for checking out Sorceress Prism! It is free to download and play however please consider donating even just $2 as I am giving 50% of earnings also to itch.io who make hosting this game possible, thank you!

I recommend you use a controller to play this game!

Keyboard controls:
left shift: cast block
space: jump
arrow keys: movement
(press up to enter doors)


Found a programmer! Time to get working!

21.12.2016 Update!

Long overdue update!

- Cutscenes added.
- Levels redesigned.
- Enemy behaviour redesigned.
- 19 levels to play through!
- Lives system added.

I'm also looking for a c# programmer to help me make this game great! If you enjoyed it, please get in touch and lets work together!

29.09.16 Update!

- Using music by the very talented D9! Support him by buying his music here! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/d9-robot-ep/id11...

- Updated block physics and overall behavior of it. Added some sfx to it. Let me know what you think?

20.09.16 Update!

- Changed physics of block. Now stays static mid-air until you step on it.
- Added particle effect to block when it disappears.
- Changed block size a bit smaller so doesn't get stuck in holes.
- Removed wall text, replacing with dialogue soon.
- Keyboard controls updated.

Thanks for playing and the feedback! If you want to give feedback please complete the form here at https://goo.gl/forms/zsq8gncxpmhJVneE3

Adventure awaits

Long ago, in a distant time when magic existed - a giant magic fortress known as The Prism got invaded by evil life forms that begun to channel the Prism's energy into opening a dark portal that would take over the resources of the world for themselves. To prevent anyone stopping the dark portal being opened in due time, they cast ten seals into the Prism.

Meanwhile, a band of Magicians are sent out from a Kingdom nearby on a mission to restore balance to The Prism. Among them is Phoebe, a teenage Sorceress that isn't particularly good at being one. Instead of being able to shoot fireballs, create ice shields and cast lightning bolts like others, all she can do is cast a block - and her band make sure to mockingly remind her of this everyday. Despite this, she learns over time with the blocks she can push them, jump on them, block projectiles other band members try to bully her with, but it only lasts for five seconds before disappearing. The only one in the band to give her any sense of safety is her Master, a powerful Sorceress known as Circe.

Phoebe struggles to catch up with her band, who leave her behind as they teleport to the outer edges of the Prism. Eventually, Phoebe catches up, finding the band all dead near the entrance, with Circe missing. Phoebe looks up to realise she had passed through a anti-magic barrier - her magic power too low for the Prism to recognise her as a magic user.

Alone, Phoebe stares down the black corridor and enters The Prism to not only try to restore balance to the world but find her missing Master.


- Great platforming arcade action combined with underground adventure.

- Simple controls and mechanics. Make the use of the block to progress through The Prism, defending against enemy projectiles, hazards, pitfalls and obstacles.

- Current stage is a prototype with about 15-20 minutes worth of gameplay time.

- Works best with a controller!

Would love to hear your feedback!

Comment below or email me at varia.arts@gmail.com.

Donating helps itch.io and me!

I've upped the split share to 50%. Consider donating to help this great site and help me continue to develop this title!


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He Aaron, great platform game, Just spent 30 minutes playing. Some things I encountered, When you go back through a door it puts you at the starting door, not sure if this was meant to happen. re-spawning can be a fit funny, some times I would fly out of my starting position, and on one map it glitched and I spawned inside the ledge killing me instantly.

The word boxs are all smushed up but that may be my resolution, Im running 1080? also the sides are cut off.

Really fun game, only thing I can recommend is a reset button so you dont have to start again when it glitches.

The area with the doors is very confusing but I think its because the symbols are messed up due to the res, Ima have a play around with it.
Awesome stuff

Hey Tk0m.

Thanks a lot for the kind words and the feedback, really appreciate it! Also spending 30 mins in it, very cool, thanks!

An oversight from me, the text should be able to be read at 1920x1080 on 'fantastic' setting. I'll be removing it for a sensible dialogue system of some sort soon enough.

Yeah some of the keys to doors and symbols came out funny...I'll fix it up too!

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What are the requirements for this game? Is it a windows game, mac or linux?

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Hey, it is for Windows only currently. Any system from XP up will run it no problem.