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A prototype for a game idea of mine. The idea is you play as an Archer that can see spirits, and help protect a town nearby from them. The 'host' enemy spirits cannot be hurt by your arrows, but the other spirits can be, but they'll keep re-spawning if the host is alive. Using your projectile spell (with right click), aim at the spirits to lure the host to it. When it has eaten the spirit, it can then be killed. Killing spirits brings up a score, if you get hit, you lose your score but your body reforming can help get some points back by killing spirits around you. When all the enemies are gone, the level is cleared. If you lose all your lives, it is game over and you return to the tutorial screen.

Would appreciate any feedback if you find this core mechanic fun or/and if I should continue developing this game. Thanks!

*Update 27/03/16*

Score system has now changed to an enemy countdown so you know how many are left in level.


SpiritArcher.exe 3 MB

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