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Update on game:

Updated graphics, added some audio sfx, added some new enemies into game.



It is Secret of Mana meets Zelda in all it's 16-bit style glory. A top-down action-adventure RPG where you and your four other friends end up in a new world via. a mysterious mirror found in an old mall. Your friends have gone missing in this new world, and it is up to you to find them and return home!


Been working on this two weeks now. First prototype build up with most mechanics in place. You can walk around, explore, fight, level up, stat cooldowns, interact with NPC's and signs. Environment graphics are placeholder art.

Lots of stuff to be done still...

Graphics (assets and environment), storyline implemented, audio, further mechanic iteration, further enemy iteration, further NPC iteration, level re-design.

Would be most interested in feedback if you find the current game fun! For example, does movement and attacking feel good?

Controls on keyboard:

Move up, down, left, right - Arrow keys
Dash key/Talk to NPCs and signs/acknowledge Level Up - C
Attack key - X
Spell (projectile) key - V

Gamepad controls:

Move up, down, left, right - D-pad
Dash key/Talk to NPCs and signs/acknowledge Level Up - B
Attack key - X
Spell (projectile) key - A

Items (dropped from enemies,barrels and chests):

Blue orb - gives experience. Collect enough to level up!
Red box with white cross - health. Restores HP.
Red heart - increases max HP by 1 point.

Thanks for having a go!

Install instructions

No full screen available at the moment.


UraniasMirror.exe 3 MB

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